Class: 8th grade science

For this project, the project prompt is a game board:

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 6.42.04 PM

Students learn about electricity and circuitry by making circuits by playing their way through a scaffolded, multi-modal game.

Level 1: Make an LED light up

Level 2: Make as many LEDs as you can light up

Level 3: Add a switch to your circuit

Level 4: Add two switches, each one controlling separate lights

Level 8: Create a sensor that responds to something in the environment

At each of these levels, students are challenged to research how these circuits work (with links embedded in the game board), and then build a circuit that accomplishes that goal. Each completed project adds to the students’ point total. With a goal of reaching 30 points, some students picked one modality (breadboards, wires, conductive thread, or copper tape) and challenged themselves to reach the highest level they could; other students aimed to reach Level 3 in each of the different modalities, thoroughly understanding the fundamental concepts.

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