2013 – 2014

Raku Kiln – A kiln for firing ceramics that uses open flame and combustibles to create amazing effects on glazed pottery, built in spring of 2014. This video shows it’s first firing with narration explaining how it works.


Polargraph – A machine that draws with a pen from digital image files. Built in the spring of 2014 by Hannah Szapary ’15. This time-lapse shows the machine drawing a portrait of Head of School, Craig Sellers.


Technology in Education: A Future Classroom – a video submitted to and selected for the White House Student Film Festival, created by Dan Nemroff ’15, shows Dan’s vision of a future classroom that is more student-directed and project-centered.


Project LEO – short for Love Each Other, LEO was a holiday present to the FCS community, a musical installation that would play songs when people formed human chains to complete a circuit. The installation challenged the community to hold hands from the first to the third floors of the FCC.


2012 – 2013

A Day in the Life of STEAM – compiled from video clips shot during a single STEAM meeting in December of 2012, members of the team work on designing STEAMnet, programming and building PAM.


STEAMnet – featuring a stop-motion rendering of the user interface for the STEAMnet tablet app, this video was the centerpiece of STEAM’s winning entry into the 2013 Verizon Innovative App Challenge.

A visualization of the collaborative development of STEAMnet from October 2012 to June 2013.


PAM – an installation, designed and developed by STEAM in the winter of 2012, this musical staircase railing was installed on stairs around the FCS campus during the three days before winter break. The railing produced different sounds each of the three days and the following videos highlight the installation on the first and third days.

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