Carnival announcement

Do you have any of these things around your house? Would donate any items for  the Make club carnival?

  • box fans (3)
  • pegboard
  • strand lights (aka Christmas lights or twinkle lights)
  • craft foam or upholstery foam
  • tennis balls
  • felt
  • pool noodles
  • paper cups and bowls
  • jam jar caps
  • bells
  • very large cardboard boxes
  • duct tape

*Used items and hand-me-downs only, please. No need to purchase new.

How about a few videos for inspiration?

Paper circuits for the interactive map group:

Make your own pressure pads for the music group:

A scoreboard that can work with a Makey Makey for the skee-ball group:

Want to use a Makey Makey? Borrow one from the library.

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