Calling all Middle School makers! Tune in for an exciting announcement:

Carnival announcement

When we work together we can create incredible things. And starting next week we will work together create the wildest, craziest carnival that the basement of the Middle School building has ever seen. Take another look at the video about Caine’s Arcade if you would like another burst of inspiration, then sign up for a project below.

What would you like to make?

Skee ball
Build a skee ball game! You’ll have cardboard, duct tape, and a tennis ball. Can you figure out the rest? sign-up-btn
Air hockey
Who doesn’t love playing air hockey? We have a big fan and — guess what? — lots of cardboard. What should we use for the puck? sign-up-btn
Light-up map
Do you like working with markers and poster board? Help create a map of all of the events happening at the carnival… then we will find a way to make it interactive and light up with working buttons. sign-up-btn
Interactive music
Have you ever composed your own music? Would you like to try? Because we need music… And once we have music, we need to find a fun and surprising way for people to discover it and listen to it! sign-up-btn
Make your own booth
Do you have an idea for your own booth? Can you and your friends figure out how to do it with cardboard and supplies you can find around your house? Sign up to create your own booth at the carnival! sign-up-btn

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